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my silly girl

i'm in love with you

4/4/11 12:34 am

Things that are good:

1. I have a new computer! I got a Macbook Pro today :D

2. I deleted my Myspace! It's gone, I'm glad.

3. I bought a cute floral dress from Forever 21+ and some heart earrings <3

Things that hopefully will happen:

1. Slow waaay down on my ebay addiction.

2. Start selling things on ebay.

3. Stop going out to lunch. This is mega-super-infinitely important because I spend too much money on food.

3/22/11 06:45 pm

Hi livejournal!

Pizza Time!

This is me and a pizza.

I am back, however the pizza is not.

3/1/10 01:19 am - my first granny square :D

My first granny square :D

it's granny-licious.

2/3/10 04:59 am - my first heart :)

in the mood for valentine's day...

My first heart :)

I finally get how to decrease and increase lol it' so cute but a lot bigger than I thought.

pattern: Sweet Heart Crochet Pattern

1/20/10 08:22 pm - Team Coco

Loco por Coco!
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